About Myrtle Potter & Company

Myrtle Potter & Company, founded in 2005, is a life science and healthcare advisory firm. We specialize in corporate strategy, customer engagement, commercialization, product development, business development and loss of exclusivity strategies.

Team of Experts

Experience is the difference. The Myrtle Potter & Company team is comprised of experienced consultants and subject matter experts, each with more than 15 years of business, scientific, industry or regulatory experience.

Clients & Services

Myrtle Potter & Company serves global life science, biopharmaceutical and biotechnical companies as well as large healthcare corporations and major health information sites.

Our Business Model

Myrtle Potter & Company’s business model is unique and effective. We employ a core team of professionals and rely on a hand-selected network of over 50 independent consultants who operate in the MP&C Virtual Consulting Network.